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Partnering With Rural Clinics:
Doctor Lync provides rural clinics in medically needy communities with access to specialized medical expertise, improved patient care, remote patient monitoring, and improved healthcare infrastructure. It also creates a relational partnership between healthcare professionals and rural clinics, leading to better patient care and outcomes. Doctor Lync is a cost-effective and sustainable solution to the medical needs of these rural communities.
Access to Specialized Medical Expertise:
Opens access for rural clinics to a wide range of medical specialists who can offer more advanced medical care to patients in these communities.
Timely and Accurate Diagnoses:
Rural clinics can improve patient care and outcomes by having healthcare professionals provide timely and accurate diagnoses tailored to their specific medical needs.
Provides Follow-up Care:
Provides healthcare professionals with the ability to provide follow-up care, which is especially important where access to care can be challenging.
Improved Healthcare Infrastructure:
Supports healthcare infrastructure in rural clinics. This includes providing access to medical equipment and supplies and training and support for local healthcare professionals.

Relational Partnership:
Establishes enduring relational partnerships between healthcare professionals and rural clinics. This partnership allows healthcare professionals to build quality relationships with patients and local healthcare professionals, leading to better patient care and outcomes.
Medical Resources:
Rural clinics often struggle to provide patients with adequate medical care due to a lack of resources. Doctor Lync provides these clinics with much-needed basic medical resources.
Sustainable Solution:
We anticipate volunteer doctors finding this a very rewarding and positive experience and continuing as a volunteer for many years into the future.  This will provide a sustainable solution for rural clinics by creating a network of healthcare professionals they can count on to provide ongoing support and care. 

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