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Doctor Lync is part of the medical arm of GFA World

International HQ - Wills Point, TX.

About Us - Gospel for Asia (


Our Mission​

  • To help medically needy communities by providing healthcare workers with practical training through physicians worldwide to impart treatment that will save and change lives effectively.  

  • To solve the "Accessibility" problem when deploying cost-effective equipment and platforms that connect doctors worldwide to these medically needy communities. 

  • To establish a network of rural Micro-Hospitals to provide medical care and training through an integrated service of telemedicine, education, consultation, and other Doctor Lync assets.


  • To provide rural partners with needed medical equipment and supplies.

  • To advance education in health care through webinars, individual peer-to-peer consultations between medical workers and medical experts, and the publication of digital newsletters devoted to healthcare promotion.

Our Vision

  • Our Vision is to see doctors worldwide connected to rural communities in need through the Doctor Lync platform.  Focusing on education and consultation of the rural clinicians in their perspective fields. 

  • Our approach to medicine reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence, teamwork, and a will to succeed.  Doing all for the Glory of God and the common good of man.

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