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The Work Begins

Believers Church Medical College was established in 2014 in the state of Kerala on the coast of South India. (BCMCH) is now a fully functioning, 750-bed tertiary care hospital that has become one of India’s most influential medical institutions. It offers affordable primary care for patients and a full range of specialized care. 


Serving 2000+ patients daily


Consulted 2,000,000+ patients

Performed 46,000+ surgeries


Delivered 5,600+ babies

Teaching / Training

The medical college trains more than 800 medical students, including future doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. The college is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and healing. The college has an enrollment of 100 students per year. The teaching program is centered on a holistic student-learning approach. 


Christ Always At The Center

As the name suggests, Believers Church Medical College Hospital is unashamedly Christian in its orientation. Along with receiving expert medical treatment, patients are prayed for and spiritually encouraged.

Everything is steeped in prayer and devotion to Christ. On average, more than 300 Bibles are given to visitors every day.

Medical Camps

In one year alone, we held 883 medical camps in communities without access to medical care, and 500,000 women received free healthcare training that helps their entire family; all of this happens through the local Church.


Expansion Into Africa

Just as Paul responded to the Macedonian call, we didn’t pursue starting ministry in Africa but responded to God’s call. Due to the impact of our work, we were approached by an influential church leader from Rwanda. He had visited our main hospital, BCMCH, in India and wanted something similar for his country. Numerous Christian ministries have already served in Rwanda, but few have trained local people to carry on their work.


African Headquarters

Our senior leaders from Asia went to Rwanda to examine the opportunity in person.  They felt the Lord’s confirmation that He was opening the door for us to move forward into Africa. 

We acquired land in the capital city, Kigali, for a fraction of its worth. It already had buildings on it that were suitable for an office and a Bible college. 

Shortly afterward, in 2021, God moved on the heart of one of our supporters to provide the funds necessary to purchase the land. This land was where God was leading us to build our medical hospital.

Hospital Consturction.jpeg

BCMCH Rwanda 

The first phase of the Rwandan Believers Church Medical College Hospital will have 300 beds to serve the healthcare needs of people in the immediate region and beyond. 

The medical college will welcome up to 100 students each year, creating a steady flow of new professionals to ensure that this important work continues far into the future.

Washing Dishes

Serving Rwanda & Beyond

With nearly 13 million people in a tiny land area, Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa. Currently, there is only one major hospital in Rwanda that offers the full line of medical care that Westerners expect from a serious hospital. 

Our facility will become the second major hospital in Rwanda and is just six miles from the capital, Kigali, home to more than 850,000 people. All of them will need health care at some time. As they do, we’ll be there to help.

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