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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How much time commitment is there to become a volunteer?
We ask for a minimum of volunteering 2 hours a week; we realize this isn't always possible, so this isn't a hard and fast rule! 
e have two types of volunteer schedules:
1. On-call and available for any rural clinic during set hours
2. Fixed schedule to a specific rural clinic 

2. Am I liable for ?

2. Does it cost anything to be a part of this?
There is no financial obligation to be a part of this work.

3.  Can I physically visit the clinic I volunteer with?
Absolutely; in fact, we encourage it where ever possible.  In some countries, this won't be feasible or safe to visit physically.  Please note: If you're interested in visiting your clinic in person, please get in touch with Doctor Lync Headquarters before planning your travel!

4.  Do we get to evaluate patients?
Yes, you will be giving your expertise in evaluating to the rural clinician, helping them make the best possible choice of medical care for each patient.

5.  Can we teach?
Absolutely, there is a genuine need for this, and we have several medical colleges we are partnered with who would love to have you for virtual teaching sessions, equipping students with best-in-practice medical care.  We also realize that not every doctor feels comfortable teaching, and this is an optional way to serve as a volunteer.

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