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Did You Know?

Nearly 600 million people in India, have little or no access to health care due to proximity.


To put it bluntly, the present scenario of India’s rural health care is a crisis that is unmatched by any other social sector.  Nearly 86% of all the medical visits in India are made in rural areas, with the majority of those having to travel more than 60 miles to receive any health care at all.  


The ultimate dream for health care in India is to have a general physician in every village.  Physically speaking, this is not possible now and extremely improbable in the future, and because the need is so vast, additional solutions are welcomed by the government.


Doctor Lync is a telemedicine initiative started by Believers Church Medical College Hospital based out of Thiruvalla, India, to provide quality health care for rural clinics across deprived communities in India.

Utilizing our knowledge capital of highly trained medical personnel, we are well-positioned to initiate telemedicine and to oversee its rapid expansion.

The project will allow doctors based in rural health care clinics to access specialist consultants and receive ongoing medical training through high-speed internet connections.

The ability to communicate with a specialists both audibly and visibly will significantly improve the quality and quantity of health care delivery in these remote areas of India.

We are inviting doctors, surgeons, and financial partners from around the world to join us for this unique endeavor to supply quality medical expertise to rural India.  

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