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Connecting Communities In Need
With Doctors Who Care

Traditionally, medical missions involve a short-term commitment of 2-3 weeks, during which Western doctors travel to medically needy communities to provide healthcare services. While these short-term missions can have a genuine impact on the communities they serve, they are often limited by the duration of the mission and the number of doctors available to participate.

This is where Doctor Lync comes in. By leveraging the desire for impact that motivates Western doctors to participate in medical missions, Doctor Lync allows doctors to volunteer whenever they want from wherever they are in the world. This means doctors can provide ongoing support and expertise to medically needy communities rather than just during a short-term mission.

Doctor Lync achieves this by providing a platform for remote medical consultations and training. Using advanced technology such as Starlink internet and solar power generators, Western doctors can connect audibly and visibly with rural clinics in medically needy communities, providing expert medical guidance, support, and training.
Doctor Lync makes it easier for Western doctors to volunteer by eliminating the need for physical travel and allowing doctors to volunteer from their homes or offices. Doctor Lync removes many logistical and financial barriers that often prevent doctors from participating in medical missions.

Overall, Doctor Lync is a powerful tool that leverages the desire for impact and makes it easier for Western doctors to volunteer their services to medically needy communities. By enabling ongoing support and remote medical consultations and training, Doctor Lync can help to improve healthcare outcomes in underserved areas.

“Whatever skill or knowledge he may, by divine favor, become possessed of, should be devoted above all things to the glory of God and the welfare of the human race.”
—Thomas Sydenham

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