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Prof. Dr. George Chandy Matteethra
Fellowship in Liver Transplantation (Sydney)

Doctor Lync works with dedicated healthcare professionals worldwide who desire to give their valuable time and clinical expertise for the Glory of God and the common good of man.  As a partner medical professional, you will be serving some of the most medically underserved communities in the world.


Our partner physicians allows us to offer a wide range of specialties such as Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Infectious Disease, Psychiatry, Neurology, Surgery, Anesthesiology, General Practice, and more


We believe God has given you a profound desire to help these underserved communities, but in the past you might have been restricted due to time, distance, and cost barriers. 


Through Doctor Lync, you'll have access to a global telehealth system that allows you to serve in limited blocks of time from your office or the comforts of your own home. We believe this will significantly increase the number of professionals who can contribute and, therefore, will improve the delivery of sustained quality healthcare in medically underserved communities. 

Become a partner healthcare professional today!

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